Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MEDIA: Fall! part 2~TV

America's Next Top Model. I have nothing to say but this --->>> go here. Wait, I do have something to say. Jaslene. Not only does she have the nerve to look like a man in a wig but she also sounds like she is speaking around 10 marbles held tenuously between her teeth. It's bad enough she won but now I have to hear her speak all season?!

Gossip Girl a.k.a. my new crack. It's the new O.C. and not even a guilty pleasure because I am not guilty. Who doesn't like to watch drunken rich teens slut their way through an oddly clean Manhattan. The CW generally bangs out pre-teen TV hit after hit, but most of the new fall line-up is pretty busted (a show based on Grim Reapers? Iranian immigrants??) But Gossip Girl is definitely here to stay...for at least a season...maybe it helps that all the books have already been written and are all proven bestsellers. Original ideas are scary!! Now every fashion designer must have her own gay husband, and my gay husband loves Gossip Girl too. We queen out about this show hardcore over illicit BBQ dinners in midtown. In the second episode, it Girl Serena van der Woodsen, throws out her Chocolate phone because it reminds her of all the gossip about her. And the poor kids live in Williamsburg with their washed-up rock star dad. Sweet.

Newport Harbor. I cannot get through an entire episode of this show, so I can't say much about it. Except for this, these are the stupidest chicks ever. So stupid, and if I ever find the correct YouTube video I will post it sooo fast. But let's just say this, they don't know that Italy is a country. 'Nuff said.

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