Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MUSIC: Fall!

So I haven't posted in quite some time due to some extenuating circumstances, namely the asshole who screwed me over and made me almost homeless. But that's all over, and my ladies and I have great plans of making him pay...

Anyway, the weather is getting cooler and Summer is so over...womp womp, that sucks. The end of the summer is always (in the past couple of years) marked by the last party at McCarren Pool. Incidentally, that was my first blog post last year. This year was not nearly as magical: it rained, the headliners weren't exactly awesome. But I went mainly for Kid Sister, a.k.a. my music girl crush. She laid down her hits and shook her booty in some shorty short overalls. It was all I wanted to see and a little bit more. Those who were there might know what I mean...Santo Gold did an awesome turn, which revved me up for her performance earlier this week. Spank Rock also made a brief appearance, with Amanda Blank backing him up on the classic? nostalgic? Bump.

I finally made it backstage, which was a leaky tent propped up between some Port o' Potties and trailers. The best part was the free potato chips and getting out of the rain...

In between then and now some stuff happened, stuff I should have blogged about if I wasn't all down in the dumps. Can I remember it all? No. Will I try? No. It's old news. But the Pussy Party is pretty notable, only because it happens every month now and occasionally brings in some great DJs I want to see. My girls and I all attended the first Pussy Party, hosted by Roxy Cottontail and featuring Scottie B and Nick Catchdubs of Fool's Gold. And there were some others, but that's who I came to see. That was a long ass time ago but what I do remember was the usual suspects and good music marred by elbows in my back, tiny glasses of mixed drinks and a smoke machine.

Otherwise, the parties this summer were pretty unmemorable. It's time for an awesome Fall, time for some good shows. And it's time for people to stop playing like leggings and ribbed tights are pants. I am so tired of seeing everyone's crotches all over Williamsburg. So it's getting colder, everyone put your jeans on and we can all party together without all your vag hanging out. Brooklyn is not an American Apparel ad. Smell ya' later!

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